Tutorial Slides

Presentation Slides helping you to understand different CBRN-Analysis Topics

  • An easy way to use self training tool
  • Built-in the standard CBRN-Analysis
  • CAX (Computer Assisted Training)
  • Scenario based Training (CAX)
  • All CBRN-Analysis programs can run a small CAX exercise
  • DEMO Exercise is called: Warm-Up
  • Exercises examples from the Getting Started Guide
  • Correlation of CBRN repports
  • With only one official incident number (Standard)
  • With identical official incident numbers (Manual)
  • The use of the Override function
  • Default Nuclear Damage Assessment
  • Estimate Damage for Worst-Case
  • Evaluate the maximum effects from any known nuclear incident
  • Damage assessment after a Nuclear attack is used at higher command levels
  • Used to make a rough estimate of the damage before detailed information is available
  • To calculate the contour of an artificial radiation, the natural background radiation must be eliminated
  • Setting the local background radiation level to the value given for the operational area
  • The default recommended level set in ATP-3.8.1, is 0,00002 CGH
  • The media is not part of CBRN-Analysis but must be installed
  • Exchange using E-mail Media
  • Exchange using LAN Media
  • Exchange using LAN and E-mail Media
  • Learn how to Create Destinations in CBRN-Analysis
  • Destinations (addresses) must be created before you can transmit reports
  • Destination type E-mail or LAN
  • Use of Address Book
  • Create Destination Groups
  • Two or more destinations can be organized in one group
  • Transmit report(s) to a number of destinations by selecting one destination
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