Courses and Webinars

The ability to fully understand and be confident with CBRN-Analysis is fundamental for the Operator in which to provide the most consistent information to any Command  staff. This can be achieved through formal training courses that can cover all aspects of the software so that Users can exploit the softwares full potential. Webinars provide additional information that can enhance the User experience and allow interaction with Bruhn NewTech on a more individual basis.

Book your own Training.

Bruhn NewTech can offer you Operator training at a local on-site venue.


During the year we will initiate several product-based Webinars. These might be about new features or functions that we will or are planning to implement into the software. The webinars may also cover certain procedures, capabilities or subjects within CBRN-Analysis that you as an operator might wish to have more understanding of their use.

CBRN-Analysis courses provided by NATO Countries

Attend a CBRN-Analysis course

See a list of organisations that offer CBRN-Analysis based product courses

Ideas and topics for Webinars or Courses

Do you have any topics that you want to learn or hear more about? You are welcome to send us suggestions for new Webinar ideas or for insertion into a Training Course.

Training Information from our last Courses

What to have the ability to gain access to extra product material information from our lastest Course presentations?

Access to this information is for authorised personnel who have attended one of our courses.

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