CBRN-Analysis Version 23 What’s New

Latest release of CBRN-Analysis January 2023   List of the What's New  

CBRN-Analysis Version 23

  • Reminder, this version will not install on Windows 8.1
  • Enhancement to use a 64 bit Operating System
  • Adjustments to Reference Documents and inclusion of AJP-3.8
  • The Manual Reports will be available via CAMPUS instead of  CBRN-Analysis
  • The automatic saving and storing of Briefing Reports into a Briefings Folder
  • ERG 2020 Database now compliant with ATP-45(F) v.3
  • Improvements to the ERG 2020 database to include the use of Table 3 for selected materials
  • Nuclear Air burst Templates and Air Burst Units at Risk amended
  • Downgrade of improbable combinations in Sets GOLF and INDIA
  • Multiple bug fixes to improve the response and flow within CBRN-Analysis

More detailed information can be found in the What’s New document under Documentation/References in CBRN-Analysis. Operators should be aware that this document only contains improvements to CBRN-Analysis from version 20 to version 23. Previous improvements from version 18 to version 19 will be available via CAMPUS.


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