What’s New in CBRN-Analysis version 22

Operators can now download the What's New Tutorial slide pack in PDF  

Listed below are the new features that will be in this version:

  • Support to Windows 11
  • Support to Office 2021
  • Support to Office LTSC
  • Enhanced weather information support for HPAC 4.04 integration
  • XML security updates
  • Displaying KML files on maps
  • Inclusion of Polar MGRS coordinates
  • The ability to display a MET Grid overlay on the map
  • Display valid CDR and BWR coverage on the map
  • Enhanced function using the Map Ruler
  • Editing an incident on the map using a CBRN 2 report instead of a CBRN 3 report
  • Enhanced F11 functions
  • Reconfiguration of opening and displaying maps
  • Enhanced ALFA view functions
  • Enhanced Units at Risk functions
  • Improvement in the use of MIKER1 field in All Clear procedures
  • Inclusion of a Manual CBRN MTF document that operators can use or hand out


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