CBRN-Analysis Version 24 What’s New

List of the new functions and features.    

CBRN-Analysis Version 24

  • Will not support an Office 2013 software package.
  • Multiple Microsoft Outlook MAPI profiles can be created, but only one can be selected at a time as the default profile.
  • Adjustments can be made to the subject prefix field in the MAPI profile window so that Operators can place in the prefix that will stop messages from being blocked.
  • XML-MTF format is now based on Base64 encodement when being transmitted via Email to avoid Outlook Cyber security protection trying to change the message content.
  • References page have been updated.
  • Adjustments to the security risk from Word Document Authors in the Briefing Reports.
  • CBRN message formats have been updated to ADatP-3, baseline 16.0.
  • 3rd Party CBRN software products have been added to the installation folder, Operators can choose if they wish to install and use them as separate applications.
  • The CBRN 3 and CBRN 5 Report can now be converted to a NATO Vector Graphics (NVG) data format if required.
  • SCIM and NFFI Modules are now available to purchase and add into Version A or Version I of CBRN-Analysis.
  • The GPU can be disabled if required to assist in map rendering.
  • Fields in the CBRN 4 Report have been updated.

More detailed information can be found in the What’s New document under Documentation/References in CBRN-Analysis. Operators should be aware that this document only contains improvements to CBRN-Analysis from version 20 to version 24. Previous improvements from version 18 to version 19 will be available upon request.


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