Product Technical Notification 23/1

The following information relates to CBRN-Analysis only


CBRN-Analysis Version 24 (released Jan. 2024):

Microsoft “End of extended support” for Office 2013 was 11 Apr. 2023. As a result, Office 2013 will no longer be supported for email communication and the generation of the briefing material document.

The “New Outlook for Windows” released by Microsoft does not support MAPI communication and therefore cannot be used for email communication in CBRN-Analysis.

CBRN-Analysis Version 25 (to be released Jan. 2025):

Microsoft “End of extended support” for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise is 14 Oct. 2025. As a result, CBRN-Analysis Version 25 will be the last version to support Windows 10.

If your future IT development plans do not meet these standard requirements, please let us know, we can discuss how to ensure continued support for your IT environment.

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