Product Technical Notification

The following information relates to CBRN-Analysis and the SCIM module


Please be informed on the following:

WINDOWS 7 is no longer supported as an Operating System by Microsoft and therefore is no longer available as an Operating System for the following Bruhn NewTech products:

  • CBRN-Analysis Version 21 and onwards
  • SCIM® Version 6.0 (to be released Autumn 2021) and onwards.

A screen resolution of “≥1920×1080” is recommended for CBRN-Analysis v.21 and onwards.


Please be advised of the following:

The proposed 3D Mapping in CBRN-Analysis v.22 and onwards will require:

  • A NVidia or AMD (or equivalent) based graphics card in the laptop/hardware
  • A minimum of 256GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM available
  • 2D mapping will be the default setting, 3D Mapping will be optional

Microsoft “End of extended support” for Windows 8.1 is 10 Jan 2023, which is before the release of v.23.  As a result, the use of Windows 8.1 will be blocked from CBRN-Analysis v.23 and onwards.

The current intent is that CBRN-Analysis v.23 and onwards will be supported on Windows 10, but only on the 64-bit OS version.  Bruhn NewTech products will not be compatible with the Windows 10, 32-bit Operating System.

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