Product Sheets

Bruhn NewTech can deliver several product applications and modules to determine Hazard areas including the collection of data from all types of CBRNe related sensors. We have collected a list of Product sheets that describe our range of products and modules.

CBRN-Analysis Module Fact sheet

From sensor integration to 3rd party modelling applications. A range of add-on modules can be used with CBRN-Analysis.

CBRN-Analysis Fact Sheet

CBRN-Analysis is an advanced, off-the-shelf software-based CBRN Information Management Software Application that includes Hazard Prediction and Warning and Reporting (W&R).

CBRN-Sim Fact Sheet

CBRN-Sim is a software product that delivers the full realism of sensor data but in a simulated environment.

CBRN-Analysis V21 Highlights

See an overview of the features and functions that will be incorporated into CBRN-Analysis V21

CBRNE-Frontline Fact sheet

CBRNE-Frontline’s key aim is to be the preferred Incident Management software application for non-CBRN specialists.

SCIM® Fact Sheet

The Sensor Connectivity Management Software® (SCIM) application is a single aggravated display of all connected sensors and instruments.

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